APC Nieuwsgroepen bij Antenna: Landen en werelddelen

Hieronder ziet u de lijst met APC-nieuwsgroepen over landen en werelddelen.

Indien u gebruiker bent bij Antenna of een andere APC partner kunt u deze nieuwsgroepen raadplegen of rechtstreeks ontvangen op uw computer. Heeft u elders al een abonnement en wilt u graag deze nieuwsgroepen lezen, schrijf dan naar support@antenna.nl.

APC: Region & Country based news groups


env.cis		   Forum on NGO activists working on the sustainability and 
		     protection of C.I.S. ecosystems
env.ukraine	   Environmental issues in Ukraine and problems of 
		     sustainable development for the states in transition
glasnost.news      News on Glasnost (IPS news)
hr.eurmideast	   News and alerts on human rights from all over Europe and
                     the Middle East
isar.journal	   The journal Surviving Together, on relations with the former
		     Soviet Union. It is published by ISAR and covers development,
		     environment, economics, women and other subjects
list.greens-ee	   Discussion about Greens in Central and Eastern Europe
noticias.europ	   Noticias sobre Europa en Castellano
reg.eeurope        News on and from Eastern Europe
reg.ussr           News on and from former USSR
start3.nato        Action-focused group promoting a START 3 treaty, building 
		     opposition to NATO expansion & building support for a 
                     European nuclear weapon-free zone. Linked to 
                     start3-europenwfz@igc.apc.org mailing list.

Former Yugoslavia news groups:

yugo.antiwar       News on and from former Yugoslavia
reg.exyugoslav     News on and from former Yugoslavia
exyugo.refugees    News on refugees from former Yugoslavia
list.bosnet        Listserv news BOSNET (various Press source)
        	     continued as: list.bosnews
list.bosnews	   Listserv news BOSNEWS (formerly list.bosnet)
paxchristi.nieuws  Brochure on Ex-Yugoslavia with resources and addresses
ann.exjoego        Nederlandstalig nieuws en discussie over voormalig



ann.azie	   Nederlandstalig nieuws over Azie
asia.security      The North-east Asia Peace and Security Network is a
                     transnational, non-governmental network of
                     non-proliferation specialists, regional security
                     experts and NGOs from NE Asia and North America
                     concerned with nuclear non-proliferation in the
                     region. (Private conference)
hr.asiapacific	   News and alerts on human rights from all over Asia and 
                     the Pacific
reg.sasia          News on and from South Asia
reg.seasia         News on and from South East Asia


act.indonesia	   Action to Support Democracy in Indonesia		  
ina.independen     Indonesian language conference containing the magazine 
                     Suara Independen, published by MIPPA The Indonesian
		     Society for alternative press (read only)
reg.bougainvil     News on and from Island of Bougainville 
reg.china          News on and from China
reg.easttimor      News on and from East Timor
reg.india          News on and from India
reg.indonesia      News on and from Indonesia
reg.japan	   News on Japan from IPS and on nuclear free Japan
reg.korea          News on and from Korea
reg.newguinea      News on and from Papua New Guinea
reg.philippines    News on and from Philippines
reg.srilanka       News on and from Sri Lanka
tibet.news         Tibet News
tibet.information  Information on Tibet
reg.westpapua      News on and from West Papua


cl.europa.tuerkei  Diskussion uber Tuerkei und Kurdistan (in German)
hr.eurmideast	   News and alerts on human rights from all over Europe and
                     the Middle East
mideast.action	   Middle East Actions
mideast.general    News on and from the Middle East
mideast.levant     Middle East (Levant area: Lebanon, Israel, Syria etc.)
mideast.kurds      Middle East information on Kurds
mideast.merip      Excerpts from "Middle East Report", critical analysis of
	  	     events and trends
mideast.news	   Middle East News from IPS, other (alternative) news agencies
ann.turkur         Nederlandstalig nieuws over Kurdistan, Kurden en Turkije
cl.europa.tuerkei  Diskussion uber Tuerkei und Kurdistan (in German)
cl.nahost.kurdistan Diskussion uber Kurdistan (in German)
list.pnet	   LISTSERV Palestine Net



ips.espanol	   Spanish language newsfeed from the IPS press agency

alai.amlatina      Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion, ALAI: informacion
		    y comunicacion sobre los procesos socio-politicos desde
		    una punta de vista de los movimientos sociales y 
		    sobre todo populares
amb.pantanal       News on campaign to save the Pantanal in Mato Grosso, 
		    Brasil and the Grande Chaco in Bolivia, Paraguay and
		    Argentina (dam in the river Paraguay)
amlat.mujeres	   Intercambio de Organizaciones y Movimientos de Mujers de
    		    America Latina
ann.amerika.latijns  Nederlandstalig nieuws en discussie over Latijns-Amerika
ax.amlatina	   General information on Latin America (Spanish, Portuguese)
ax.ambiente	   News on the environment (mostly Brasil, Latin America)
ax.mercosul        Discussion on the formation of the Mercosul Common Market
dh.amlatina	   Conferencia de APC sobre la preparacion de la 
		    Conferencia Mundial sobre Derechos Humanos
hr.americas	   News and alerts on Human Rights throughout the
iearn.latina       Entorno de comunicacion de escuelas y grupos de jovenes 
                    que desean participar en proyectos comunes que contribuyan
                    al bienestar del planeta y de sus gentes utilizando 
                    cualquier lengua de procedencia latina.
nacla.reports	   Contains "Report on the Americas" of NACLA, with rigourous
		    research and comprehensive analysis of the region
reg.andes	   News on and from the Andean Region
reg.carib          News on and from Caribbean 
reg.latin          News on and from Latin America, continued as 
reg.latinameri     News on and from Latin America
reg.samerica       News on and from South America 


ax.brasil	   News on Brasil in Portuguese
brasil.noticia	   News from Brasilian newspapers (in Portuguese)
sejup.news	   Weekly reports in English on human rights and social,
		     political and economic topics in Brazil.
reg.cuba           News on and from Cuba
carnet.cubanew     News on Cuba
ips.cuba           Inter Press Service news feed on Cuba
reg.colombia       Information about Colombia on human rights, gender, 
	             politics, actual situation and news from Colombia.
reg.costa.news     News on and from Costa Rica
reg.elsal.news     News on and from El Salvador
reg.guat.news      News on and from Guatemala
reg.guatemala	   News on and from Guatemala
carnet.guatenews   News on and from Guatemala, continued as reg.guatemala 
reg.hondu.news     News on and from Honduras
reg.mexico         News on and from Mexico
reg.nica.news      News on and from Nicaragua
reg.panam.news     News on and from Panama
ppn.peru	   News on and from Peru



africa.action	   On current events and political change in Africa
africa.ghg	   Green-house Gas inventories (GEF/UNEP project)
africa.habitat2	   Discussion of preparations in the African region for the
		     Habitat II Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, June 1996
africa.horn	   The Horn of Africa (CIDA, Canada)
africa.news	   News articles, including from Inter Press Service
africa.online	   African Symposium on Telematics
africa.sapd	   Ideas in promoting peace and democracy in Somalia/Somaliland
africa.wcw.doc     African documents for the World Conference on Women
africa.wcw.news    African news on the World Conference on Women
aia.news           Africa Information Afrique (~^Subscription required~^)
aia.samples        Africa Information Afrique Samples
ann.afrika	   Nederlandstalig nieuws en discussie over Afrika
bitl.africa	   BitNet Mailing list Africa
econews.africa	   African Environmental issues from Nairobi, Kenya
hr.africa	   News and alerts on human rights from all over Africa
inc.desert	   Information on desertification and drought
list.africana	   BitNet mailing list on information technology in Africa
mideast.nafric     Middle East and North Africa News
reg.africa         Africa Region News (formerly africa.forum)
reg.safrica        Southern Africa Region News
safrica.drough     Southern Africa Drought issues
sscan.news         South Scan News on Southern Africa (~^Subscription required~^)


africa.burundi	   News on Burundi, established by International Alert
africa.nigeria	   News on and from Nigerian struggle for human rights
ips.southafric     Inter Press Service on South Africa

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