APC Nieuwsgroepen bij Antenna: Milieu

Hieronder ziet u de lijst met APC-nieuwsgroepen over milieu.

Indien u gebruiker bent bij Antenna of een andere APC partner kunt u deze nieuwsgroepen raadplegen of rechtstreeks ontvangen op uw computer. Heeft u elders al een abonnement en wilt u graag deze nieuwsgroepen lezen, schrijf dan naar support@antenna.nl.

africa.ghg	   Green-house Gas inventories (GEF/UNEP project)
amb.direito	   Discussao de assuntos pertinentes ao Direito Ambiental
		     e sua interface com os Direitos Humanos e o Direito 
		     do Consumidor.                                       
amb.jornalismo	   Abrir um debate internacional na America Latina sobre 
		     o jornalismo especializado em meio ambiente.
amb.pantanal       News on campaign to save the Pantanal in Mato Grosso, 
		     Brasil and the Grande Chaco in Bolivia, Paraguay and
		     Argentina (dam in the river Paraguay)
ann.ecologie	   Nederlandstalig nieuws en discussie over ecologie
ax.ambiente	   News on the environment (mostly Brasil, Latin America)
biodiversity       Biodiversity
cl.atom.aktion     Aktion gegen atomkraft und Kernwaffen (in German)
cl.atom.diskussion Diskussion uber atomkraft und Kernwaffen (in German)
climate.forum      Climate Forum
climate.news       Climate News
comlink.umwelt     Environmental Discussions continued as umwelt.allg
dams.general       News on dams, voortzetting van env.dams
dev.mining         The impact of mining on people and the environment
dev.rural	   Rural development
disarm.ctb-npt     A forum for NGOs preparing special NGO report on 
		     possible amendments of the current treaties TCB
                     (Comprehensive Test Ban) and NPT (Non-Proliferation
                     Treaty) and a place to elaborate approaches for
                     strengthening the int'l regime non-proliferation.
disarm.testing     Nuclear weapons tests and American Peace Test, APT actions
disarm.trans       Information about the transport of nuclear materials and
                     warheads by road, air, rail, sea, etc. May include
                     time-urgent information on convoys on the road.
earthcouncil       Information and documents from the Earth Council
econ.boycotts	   Lists companies and/or products to be considered for a
		     boycott due to environmentally unsound practices of
		     the company, or environmentally unsound impacts of
		     the product.
econews.africa	   African Environmental issues from Nairobi, Kenya
ecotopia	   News on Ecotopia (formerly gn.ecotopia)
ef.journal	   Sample articles from Earth First Journal and information about
		     Earth First!
elaw.public.interest  Conference on public interest environmental law
en.alerts          Econet Environmental Alerts
en.europe          News on Europe (renamed into env.europe)
en.unced.general   General UNCED information   
en.unced.news      UNCED news
en.waste           News on waste issues 
enb.library	   Earth Negotiations Bulletin: Reports to NGOs during 
energy.chernob	   Nuclear Energy: Chernobyl
energy.nuclear	   Nuclear Energy
env.cis		   Forum on NGO activists working on the sustainability and 
		     protection of C.I.S. ecosystems
env.feminism	   Discussion combining feminism and green issues
env.habitat        Habitat International Coalition is a network of
                     homelessness, housing and grassroots community
                     development groups, and is an NGO with consultative
                     status at the UN. We are seeking to forge alliances
                     between our constituencies and environmental
env.nuclear        Discussion and information about the nuclear fuel cycle,
                     from mining through waste handling and its effect
                     on the land and the people.
env.recycle	   News on recycling issues
env.seashepherd	   Sharing information about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
		     News, action alerts and discussion about all aspects of 
		     marine life and habitat conservation are welcome 
env.ukraine	   Environmental issues in Ukraine and problems of 
		     sustainable development for the states in transition
env.water          Water and Marine life information
env.wildlife	   News on wildlife
foe.intl           ~^Private~^ conference of Friends of the Earth
foe.press	   Press releases of Friends of the Earth (U.K) on 
	 	     environmental actions
gain.justice	   The Social and Economic conference has legislative and
		     background information along with action
		     suggestions pertaining to areas of environmental
		     concern that impact on and inter-relate with social
		     and economic justice.
gain.toxics	   The Toxics and Wastes Conference has legislative and other
		     information, along with action suggestions,
		     pertaining to varied forms of pollution, hazardous
		     and solid waste issues, pesticides and other toxics.
gef.forum	   Documents on the Global Environment Facility
gn.ecotopia        News on Ecotopia (renamed into: ecotopia)
gn.nuclear         Nuclear Energy
gp.press           Press releases Greenpeace International
gr.monitoring      Global Rivers Environment Education Network, GREEN. This
	             conference is for participants to share problems, ideas,
	             and tips about water monitoring. 
gr.teachers	   Global Rivers Environment Education Network, GREEN. This
	             conference is for teachers who wish to exchange thoughts,
	             concerns, and ideas about teaching- related issues and
	             challenges. Teachers can use it to address problems in
	             implementing a particular water quality monitoring program
	             or a general environmental education program. 
gr.watersheds	   Global Rivers Environment Education Network, GREEN.
		     Participants in this conference describe their watersheds
                     in terms of size, land uses, specific problems and 
		     issues, elevation, location of eventual drainage point, 
		     and history.
haz.pesticides     Hazardous pesticides
haz.trade	   International trade in hazardous wastes, products and technologies.
		     facilitating discussion and information exchange
inc.desert	   Information on desertification and drought
ippnw.ceasefir     Manage the IPPNW Worldwide Test Ban Campaign: Cease-Fire
                     Now! Stop Nuclear Testing. Announcements of nuclear
                     testing, proposed actions and strategy and other
                     relevant information towards a Comprehensive Test Ban.
irish.sea          Nuclear and industrial pollution of the Irish Sea, plus
                     militarisation and accidents in the area.
isar.journal	   The journal Surviving Together, on relations with the former
		     Soviet Union. It is published by ISAR and covers development,
		     environment, economics, women and other subjects
iucn.news          IUCN News
levende.zee	   Discussie Levende Zee vanaf maart 1996
list.greens-ee	   Discussion about Greens in Central and Eastern Europe
mil.accidents      Accidents and incidents involving military/nuclear 
                     ships, convoys, equipment, etc.
ngp.nucwaste       Nuclear Waste
panos.forum        Conference for replies or queries on material to material
		     posted in other Panos conferences
panos.news	   Features Service and documents from the Panos Institute
psr.bulletins      Medical consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war.
rainfor.general    General News on Rainforests
share              Share news
susag.forum        Forum on sustainable agriculture, formerly en.agriculture
susag.library      Sustainable Agriculture news library
susag.news         Sustainable Agriculture news
susag.permacul	   News on Permaculture
taiga.news	   Information from the Taiga Rescue Network on the conservation 
		      and sustainable use of the boreal forests of the world
umwelt.allg        Environmental Discussions (in German)
unced.aseed        ASEED campaign info on UNCED
wind.energy        Wind Energy
wwf.news           News from World Wide fund for Nature

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