APC Nieuwsgroepen bij Antenna: overige nieuwsgroepen

Hieronder ziet u de lijst met de overige APC-nieuwsgroepen.

Indien u gebruiker bent bij Antenna of een andere APC partner kunt u deze nieuwsgroepen raadplegen of rechtstreeks ontvangen op uw computer. Heeft u elders al een abonnement en wilt u graag deze nieuwsgroepen lezen, schrijf dan naar support@antenna.nl.

Antenna: Nieuws van persbureaus en organisaties
headlines Daily overview of the most important news in the APC conferences
ips.english English news from the press agency IPS (three days old)
ips.espanol Noticias del Agencia de Prensa IPS en Castellano
clacso.news News from CLACSO, Latin America
iamcr.news News International Association Mass Communication Research
militant.news The Militant is a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people. News and analysis on working-class struggles worldwide, crisis of capitalism, Cuba, South Africa, labor movement,
nalgo.news Selection of articles from NALGO weekly newspaper for trade union activists.
ngonet.council NGONET Council (restricted access)
panos.news Features service and documents from the Panos Institute
paxchristi.nieuws Nieuws van Pax Christi Nederland (o.m. ex-yugoslavie)
pbi.news News from Peace Brigades International
peacemedia.news News, articles, interviews from Peacemedia
unpo.news * Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation Conference
unic.news Newsletter of the United Nations Information Center
viio.news * News on Association for Info & International Development
viio.elnet * Discussions from the VIIO working group on networking
wfm.general Official public conference of the World Federalist Association, an organization pursuing justice in transnational issues through enforceable world law. WFA develops, promotes, and educates the public about various models for reforming or replacing the UN
wri.news News from War Resisters International *) Nieuwsgroep afkomstig van Antenna APC: Ontwikkelingsvraagstukken
at.general Appropriate Technology General
at.library Appropriate Technology Library
dev.education A forum for people working in development/global education (informal and formal) to exchange news, views, plans and to facilitate cooperation
dev.humansettl Human Settlements issues
dev.internatio International Development issues
dev.inttrade International Trade issues
dev.mining The impact of mining on people and the environment
dev.rural Rural Development
dev.urban Urban Development
dev.worldbank World Bank issues
econ.saps Structural Adjustment Programmes
eltaller.news El Taller, a worldwide movement for capacity building
gk97.lessons Stories of those who have real life experience with 'knowledge for development'. Using these stories as a foundation, participants will develop ideas, strategies and projects which build on these experiences.
gk97.storyline A 'living document' which asks what is 'knowledge for development'. Outlining key changes and challenges.
population Population issues
women.dev Women and Development Habitat 2 Conferentie, Istanboel en huisvestingsvraagstukken
un.habitat.gen For proceedings, documentation and discussion related to the United Nations conferences on Habitat.
africa.habitat2 Discussion on the preparations in the African region of the Habitat II Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, June 1996
dev.humansettl Information concerning human settlements, encompassing all the structures and processes associated with the human habitat. Focus will be on presenting items that deal with the problems of the world's cities, towns and villages.
env.habitat Habitat International Coalition is a network of homelessness, housing and grassroots community development groups, and is an NGO with consultative status at the UN. We are seeking to forge alliances between our constituencies and environmental groups.
list.habitat2 Public discussion list on Habitat II Conference and the issues it is addressing APC's UNCED conferenties 1992
en.unced.general General information on and from UNCED process
en.unced.news News on UNCED
unced.aseed ASEED campaign on UNCED
rio5english Rio + 5 Forum: some 500 committed civil-society representatives who will focus on key strategies and management systems for moving sustainable development from Agenda to Action in the spirit of the Earth Summit, and in preparation for the next millennium. Interdoc conferenties
interdoc.kl93 Interdoc Conference Kuala Lumpur 1993 APC: verschillende andere nieuwsgroepen
act.wb94 Actions and campaigns by groups on the 50th Anniversary of the Bretton Woods Institutions (World Bank & IMF)
arts.activism Arts & Activism
arts.forum.eur Discussion area for European arts organisations, individuals
an.perf.arts Artsnet conference onf performing arts, (street)theatre
child.news News on and for Children
coc.brettonwds NGO and academic discussion on Bretton Woods institutions (IMF, World Bank and WTO) on alternative policies
cultura.forum Discussion on issues of art and culture
dev.worldbank Development and environment groups activities on the World Bank and the IMF
gen.gaylesbian Gay & Lesbian issues
gen.racism Racism
grazroots.hun Reports from the Second European Ecumenical Assembly, which will took place in Graz, Austria, 23-30 June 1997, and feedback to the Assembly.
grazroots.chat Informal discussion about the Second European Ecumenical Assembly, Graz, Austria, 23-30 June 1997
holistic.forum For people/organizations that have an inclination to think of their work as holistic
labr.int.left Network in the Labour Movement in Eastern and Western Europe to exchange information, coordinate projects
labr.newsline Labour news feed
labr.organize Labour Network Conference organizing to share information about campaigns
labr.privatiza Labour issues raised by privatization worldwide
labr.pubsector Conference on issues concerning public workers and unions in both the US and internationally
labr.tech Labour and technology
list.artmgt List on art gen.media Media aspects
media.issues Media issues
ngls.news Non Governmental Liasion Service (UN) News
trade.news News on trade issues
trade.library Library of trade information
trade.strategy News on trade strategies
un.reform To exchange information about initiatives, events and proposals related to United Nations reform, especially in association with the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in 1995.

Antenna en APC technische nieuwsgroepen

antenna.test Test nieuwsgroep om berichten in te plaatsen
apc.scripts Scripts for Communications with APC
asia.link APC / Interdoc Asia technical discussion on Asian nodes
conf.manager APC Conference Manager
dopumentation APC documentation
gn.netnews GreenNet News
igc.netnews PeaceNet News
intlaccess International Access to APC Networks
list.acenet Mailing list for hosts in Central/Eastern Europe (moderated)
tech.emailserv APC Technical discussion on E-mail based database servers

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