APC Nieuwsgroepen bij Antenna: vredesvraagstukken

Hieronder ziet u de lijst met APC-nieuwsgroepen over vredesvraagstukken.

Indien u gebruiker bent bij Antenna of een andere APC partner kunt u deze nieuwsgroepen raadplegen of rechtstreeks ontvangen op uw computer. Heeft u elders al een abonnement en wilt u graag deze nieuwsgroepen lezen en er berichten in plaatsen, schrijf dan naar support@antenna.nl.

africa.burundi News on Burundi, established by International Alert
africa.sapd Ideas in promoting peace and democracy in Somalia/Somaliland
ann.exjoego Nederlandstalig Nieuws en discussie over ex-joegoslavie
ann.vrede Vredesbeweging, geweldloosheid, enz. Voortzetting van: ann.anti.oorlog
asia.security The North-east Asia Peace and Security Network is a transnational, non-governmental network of non-proliferation specialists, regional security experts and NGOs from NE Asia and North America concerned with nuclear non-proliferation in the region. (Private conference)
basic.europe Reports and other information from BASIC about nuclear proliferation, disarmament, and weapons trade in Europe.
basic.prolifer Reports and other information from BASIC about nuclear proliferation.
basic.weaponst Reports and other information from BASIC about weapons trade.
cdi.military This conference is for the distribution of materials from the Center for Defense Information and the discussion of related topics.
cl.atom.aktion Aktion gegen atomkraft und Kernwaffen (in German)
cl.atom.diskussion Diskussion uber atomkraft und Kernwaffen (in German)
cr.solutions To develop a practical knowledge base for mediators, facilitators and conflict managers.
disarm.armstrade News on the Arms Trade, continued as disarm.armstrade
disarm.ctb-npt A forum for NGOs preparing special NGO report on possible amendments of the current treaties TCB (Comprehensive Test Ban) and NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and a place to elaborate approaches for strengthening the int'l regime non-proliferation.
disarm.landmin Disarmament: landmines
disarm.nucfaci Disarmament: nuclear facilities
disarm.testing General communications regarding nuclear weapons tests and American Peace Test (APT) actions, and ideas generated.
disarm.trans Information about the transport of nuclear materials and warheads by road, air, rail, sea, etc. May include time-urgent information on convoys on the road.
disarm.wcp.news International news updates for World Court Project Supporters. The World Court Project will use the Advisory Opinions from the International Court of Justice on the legality of nuclear weapons to help achieve a global Nuclear Weapons Convention.
disarm.worldcr This conference exists to spread information about the World Court Project, a grassroots organisation ignored by the mainstream media, lobbying the World Court for an opinion as to the legality of nuclear weapons under existing international law.
end.convention Reports and discussion around the European Nuclear Disarmament Conventions and process.
gen.quaker Divergent peace and social concerns of members of the various conferences, monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, yearly meetings and committees of the Religious Society of Friends.
gn.armstrade News on the Arms Trade, continued as disarm.armstrade
hague.1999 News and discussion on the effort to convene an international peace conference in the city of the Hague, Netherlands in 1999.
hrnet.conobjec Human Rights conference on Conscientious Objection, Subscription only
ippnw.abolcauc Conference of the mailing list for the Abolition 2000 Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons (abolition-caucus@igc.apc.org).
ippnw.campaign IPPNW Campaign, private conference
ippnw.ceasefir Manage the IPPNW Worldwide Test Ban Campaign: Cease-Fire Now! Stop Nuclear Testing. Announcements of nuclear testing, proposed actions and strategy and other relevant information towards a Comprehensive Test Ban.
irish.sea Nuclear and industrial pollution of the Irish Sea, plus militarisation and accidents in the area.
medact.general Medical and psycological aspects of nuclear weapons and weapons of war in general.
mil.accidents Accidents and incidents involving military/nuclear ships, convoys, equipment, etc. No longer active.
military.draft To facilitate flow of info on draft and military laws in US.
military.index Various US armed services internal newswires/newsletters, such as Air Force News Service. Contains a variety of unclassified information such as public statements on doctrine, and the minutiae of ordinary military life.
nfla.news English Language Forum for information and development in Nuclear Free Local Authority (nfla) policy.
npsg.milflight Militairy flights in Canada
pax.peaceteams Information and discussion on nonviolent peace teams: publicity about new initi atives, opportunities for service, trainings, conferences, strategy, experiences -- successes and failures.
paxchristi.nieuws Nieuws van Pax Christi Nederland (o.m. ex-yugoslavie)
pbi.news News from Peace Brigades International
peacemedia.news News, articles, interviews from Peacemedia
peace.news On-line version of Peace News for Nonviolent Revolution
psr.bulletins Medical consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear war.
reg.japan Nuclear free Japan discussion.
sgr.news For open discussion on matters of interest to SGR (Scientists for Global Responsibilty); incorporating Electronics and Computing for Peace (ECP), Psychologists for Peace (PfP), and Scientists Against Nuclear Arms (SANA).
start3.nato Action-focused group promoting a START 3 treaty, building opposition to NATO expansion & building support for a European nuclear weapon-free zone. Linked to start3-europenwfz@igc.apc.org mailing list.
warreport.issu War Report Issues
wilpf.hotline Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) news
wilpf.news Information clearinghouse for Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) members.
women.peace Women's peace work, including NGO documents, action alerts and activities announcements
wri.news News from War Resisters International

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