Women from Gelderland send their voices to China

Platform Gelderse Vrouwen

(a platform consisting of women from the province of Gelderland, The Netherlands)
"Equality, development and peace" is the motto of the fourth World Conference on Women which will take place in China. The objective of this conference is to evaluate the global process of emancipation on the one hand and to highlight measures to stimulate this process on the other hand.

The Platform Gelderse Vrouwen, in which most women's organizations in Gelderland are represented, believes it is important that women from Gelderland join in a conversation about the topics which will be discussed at the conference and that they will make their voices heard at the conference through the government's delegation. To realize this a study group consisting of women from the Platform Gelderse Vrouwen set up and executed the project "Send your voice to China".

About 1000 women (from 46 organizations) debated in workshops about three topics. This took place during 60 discussion meetings lasting from September 1994 to May 1995. The three topics were called: "My first million" (socio-economic position of women), "I spy with my little eye" (creating images) and "And we lived happily ever after" (sustainable development), topics which will be discussed at the conference and which are also of great interest to women in Gelderland. The discussion meetings provided information about what women in Gelderland find important and what they would like to see changed. The results of these meetings are in front of you:

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