Roshini Kempadoo

Cultural and ethnic identity plays an important role in the photography of Roshini Kempadoo (1960 England).

In her (computer-manipulated) series of photographs from the late nineteen eighties, Kempadoo's inspiration came from photographs of her own family history. Her origins and the way in which identity is "cultivated" not just in one, but in several locations are portrayed. Identity as disguise is central to the series of self portraits entitled "Who Do They Expect Me To Be Today?".

In the series "ECU-European Currency Unfolds" (1992), Kempadoo reproduced the banknotes of the European countries. In her modifications to the banknotes, her criticism is aimed at the European countries' colonial history and the future identity of the European Community.

For her latest work War of Position (62k GIF) she is inspired by Cornell West who proposes three moments that constitute the racial problematic.