Marylene Negro

Marylene Negro (1957 France) operates in the field where communication takes place. She works primarily with the medium of language, partly to attempt to break through the hermetic nature of art (institutions). In the Consortium (Dijon, 1990), she placed microphones in the museum staff's offices. The audience was able, via loudspeakers in the auditorium, to hear every conversation.

Her work 'Mutation'(1990) consisted of a light box with a mountain of framed slides bearing synonyms of the word "copulate". During the exhibition the mountain shrank as visitors helped themselves to the slides.

Negro wants to enter into dialogue with the other and literally incorporates the results into her exhibits. For a number of exhibitions, she asked all those who had received an invitation to choose from a number of words (for example: a little/many/animated/silly/absolutely not) and to dictate that word on to a telephone answering machine. The taped messages could be heard inside and outside the exhibition room (1992).

Last year, as W139's guest artist, she rented the front room, meant to show her installation. She wanted to "give" the room offered to her by this alternative artist-space, to anyone wanting to rent it (by the day). It appeared that especially artists who weren't selected by the artists-committy hired the space for a couple of days.

Her contribution for the exhibition in Arnhem consists of a multi-media event. Together with the Austrian artist Klaus Scheruebel (1968) she renovated her apartment in Paris during one year. Though advertisments she now offers the apartment, including all of her personal belongings, for sale.

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