Claudia Plank and Hans Werner Poschauko

Claudia Plank (1969) and Hans Werner Poschauko (1963) (Austria) have been working together since 1990. They are critical of the so-called "feasible" body or identity.

In their exhibition 'Human Geometry' (1992-93) reference is made to pornography and voyeurism. Through photomontages and measuring instruments, they debate the measurability, classification and genetic coding of the human body.

The panoptic, controlling stare is the centrepoint of their installation 'It Was Very Strange, Wasn't It' (1993) in which a room is papered from floor to ceiling with paper printed with eyes.

In their exhibit 'Cocoon, Turn Your Dreams Into Reality' (1994, Maastricht) visitors were locked up in a yellowpainted room (until they indicated that they wanted to be let out). The furnishing consists of a large, rubber covered table. Belts and other (home-made) rubber garments are hanging up in the room. The upholstery and the surroundings refer to sadomasochistic sexual acts. As in this installation, the wasp is playing an important role in their performance/installation 'A day out. 20-3-95 Arnhem', symbolizing hate, love, pain, dependancy, androgyny and metamorfose.

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