Welcome to "Self-Determination", an Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, The Netherlands from 8 April - 11 June 1995.

In the museum - and on this Internet system - one can see the work of Eric Duyckaerts, Catherine Richards, Roshini Kempadoo, Inez van Lamsweerde, Marylene Negro and Klaus Scheruebel, Hale Tenger, and Claudia Plank and Hans Werner Poschauko and browse yourself over the Internet via the own World Wide Web link of the Museum.

On this page you can find information - on the exhibition, the museum, on the artists and some of their installations - by moving (with) your cursor to an underlined word and press ENTER or click on your mouse.

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We are very grateful to PC International Arnhem, Kema Arnhem and the Antenna Foundation for their kind support of this digital information flow.

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