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This is the tri-annual newsletter of The Global Fund for Women, an international grantmaking organization that focuses on female human rights. The Global Fund for Women supports women's groups addressing women's human rights, economic autonomy and access to media and communications technology outside the United States.

The Global Fund for Women
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In this edition:
** Global Fund Activities in Beijing
** President and CEO to Retire
** New Video on Trafficking


The Global Fund staff and workshop facilitators left Huairou, China tired but exhilarated in September, after giving nine full-day "Women, Money and Empowerment" workshops at the NGO Forum for Women. More than two hundred workshop participants talked in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French about their experiences with fundraising around the world.

Participants said they enjoyed having an intense, full-day experience compared to the sometimes overwhelming variety of activities going on elsewhere at the Forum. "The entire forum was so large that it was hard to meet new people on a more than superficial level," said one facilitator. "But the Global Fund workshops created a focus for discussion that offered participants a place to bond with each other. I feel that lasting friendships and work relationships were made."

A group of participants even planned to make a network of fundraisers who would advise each other on fundraising needs and offer moral support after the conference, an idea that The Global Fund endorses with enthusiasm.

If you would like to obtain a single copy of "A Women's Fundraising Handbook," please write to us at: 2480 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. (We will charge $3 US for multiple orders.)


Members of The Global Fund's international network put names to faces and cemented friendships at two evening open houses in Huairou, China. On September 3 and 6, The Global Fund's workshop space was overflowing with grantees, advisors, staff, board members, donors, and friends of The Fund who met to interact and celebrate women's rights work.

Everyone agreed how inspiring it was to share in the positive energy that women brought to the open houses. When we formed a circle to introduce ourselves and our work, we found it hard not to applaud for each woman because each was so impressive! Participants came from places as diverse as Croatia, Germany, New Zealand, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Tonga, and Uganda. Philippines, Tonga, and Uganda.


The Global Fund co-convened an exciting discussion about women's funds at the NGO Forum for Women. Along with MamaCash, Ms. Foundation, UNIFEM, and other donors, The Global Fund presented "Financing Our Futures," a panel about the development of women's funds in different countries. Speakers and participants highlighted the importance of activists becoming donors and donors becoming activists.

Individual workshop-goers announced plans to start women's funds in Africa, China, and Nepal. Semillas--Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer of Mexico has been making grants to women's groups for several years and expressed its continued commitment to its work. The Global Fund for Women stands ready to help and wishes these groups congratulations and good luck!


Anne Firth Murray, President and CEO of The Global Fund for Women, has announced that she will be leaving those positions by July 1996. She is a co-founder of The Global Fund and has been president of the organization since its creation in 1987.

Anne said she decided to leave because she believes that founder/presidents of organizations should move aside in a timely fashion and because she wants time to take on other challenges. She will spend her time writing, speaking and consulting on women's issues and contributing to the women's movement.

"It has been a source of satisfaction to have worked with thousands of people worldwide and brought The Global Fund for Women from its beginning to its current stage of development," she said. "I plan to continue to work on behalf of women internationally, contributing and learning to the best of my ability."

Under Anne's leadership, The Global Fund has grown from an idea to a mature organization that has provided $5.3 million to some 750 women's groups in more than one hundred countries. Its network of advisors, board members, donors, and friends spans the globe and reaches millions of women. A search committee of board and staff has been created to conduct an international search for a new chief executive officer.


At the October Board meeting of The Global Fund, two women were invited to join the Board: June Hope Kingsley, of California, a long-time supporter and volunteer of The Global Fund, and Wu Qing, of Beijing, an activist in the NGO and women's movements in China. Also in October, Frances Kissling, a founding Board member of The Global Fund for Women, decided to leave the Board to focus more closely on her work with Catholics for a Free Choice, the international organization of which she is president.


A stunning video about the realities of sex trafficking and forced prostitution was released in September by independent video maker Chela Blitt, with the generous financial support of a group of Global Fund donors.

Chela, of Berkeley, California, USA, has created Sisters and Daughters Betrayed with images from Nepal, the Philippines, and Thailand, where she met Global Fund for Women advisors and grantees working to stop the trade. "I had my eyes opened to the issue by being able to travel to Asia and meet Global Fund contacts," she said. "Now my goal is to bring that experience to a larger audience, especially in the USA where we need to take steps with the military, transnational corporations, and individuals who are perpetuating the problem. I hope I can be part of a growing awareness that will lead people to take action."

Sisters and Daughters Betrayed examines the economics of trafficking and the parallels between the situation in Asia and in other world regions. It presents interviews with activist women in Asia who are involved in campaigns against trafficking. "The images range from the stark and graphic to images of women's groups that find hope in what they are doing--for example, a woman who is jubilant at participating in an international women's day celebration in the Philippines," Chela said.

Chela traveled to Asia with a group of individual American donors who have a special interest in combating forced prostitution, The Global Fund for Women Donors' Circle. Chela has made videos since the early 1970s and has taught video to teenagers in California. She is also a freelance radio and print journalist, whose work has appeared widely in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you would like to obtain a copy of Sisters and Daughters Betrayed, please send US $25 to: The Global Fund for Women, 2480 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.


At its recent meeting, the Board of The Global Fund for Women discussed ways that The Fund can be helpful to grantees in obtaining support for their work within their own communities. In addition to offering workshops at international meetings to train others in fund-raising, it was decided that through the grantmaking program women's groups would be encouraged to seek funding within their own countries.

Beginning immediately, in countries where other sources of funding are more easily available (such as Australia, Canada, various countries in Europe, Japan, South Korea, etcetera), grants from The Global Fund will be offered on a "matching" basis. The Global Fund will respond to requests from such "developed" countries using our current criteria and process.

However, grants approved by the Board for women's groups in these countries will be given in the form of a "match." Groups will be offered a "challenge" to match the grant awarded by the Global Fund (in an amount of $1,000 to $10,000) with a grant from local sources. This new approach to providing support will hopefully be helpful to groups as they approach funders in their countries for support of their work. As before, The Global Fund for Women will not support US-based groups.

A copy of "A Women's Fundraising Handbook," which contains ideas for fundraising that we have learned from people in many countries will be made available to any groups that request it. Furthermore, Global Fund grants, which are always given flexibly, may be used by groups to develop and implement programs to expand and diversify their fundraising.

Single copies of "A Women's Fundraising Handbook" can be obtained by writing to The Global Fund for Women, 2480 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. Please send the amount of US$3.00 for orders of multiple copies.