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Date: 04 Dec 95 08:59 GMT
Subject: Re: action alert: INDIA rape case
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Clarification on INDIA Rape Action Alert:

Please be advised that the request for international solidarity on behalf of Bhanwari Devi, the Sathin gang raped in Rajasthan has not been issued by a U.S. group, but by a consortium of women's groups working closely with Bhanwari and her attorneys. The posting listed in message 340 is a message forwarded from the follwing groups: Forum on Violence Against Women (Jaipur); Sakshi; Action India; Sabla Sangh, Center for Feminist Legal Research; All India Democratic Women's Association; Nirantar; Jagori; Butterflies; MARG; Media Advocacy Group; Janwadi Mahila Samiti;Mediastorm Cooperative; Center for Social Research; Kali for Women.