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Date: 04 Dec 95 09:55 GMT
Subject: action alert clarification
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Clarification on Action Alert on India Rape Case:

Please be advised that the Action Alert requesting international intervention on behalf of Bhanwari Devi (listed above) was posted on behalf of a consortium of Indian women's organizations who are working closely with Bhanwari and her attorneys. These groups are requesting that individuals and organizations protest the acquittal of Bhanwari's rapists in order to bring pressure on the Supreme Court to review the case. The coalition requesting assistance includes Forum on Violence Against Women (Jaipur); Sakshi; Action India; Sabla Sangh, Center for Feminist Legal Research; All India Democratic Women's Association; Nirantar; Jagori; Butterflies; MARG; Media Advocacy Group; Janwadi Mahila Samiti; Mediastorm Cooperative, Center for Social Research; and Kali for Women. .