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From: Center for Womens Global Leadership
Subject: !6 Days Campaign- International calendar

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence 1995
November 25 - December 10
Vienna, Cairo, Copenhagen, Beijing:
Bringing Women's Human Rights Home
International Calendar of Campaign Activities (as of Nov/17/95)

Nov. 9
United States, New Brunswick--"Unpacking Beijing: Informal Reflections on The Fourth World Conference on Women" (Women's Studies Program and DC-PLEN, Douglass College, Rutgers University)


Nov. 20 Austria, Vienna--press conference with the Austrian Minister for Women, Helga Konrad, and the Minister for Internal Affairs, Caspar Einem, to announce and promote new legal and social measures against violence against women (Austrian Women's Shelter Network)


Nov. 20-25 Costa Rica, San Jos--movie festival regarding Women, Violence and Gender; ongoing campaign "For a Life Without Violence" on TV, radio and in newspapers; and religious events with church groups "No More Violence Against Women" (CMF)


Nov. 23 Netherlands, Tilburg--testimonies, slides, poetry and Latin American music to draw attention to the situation of Latin American Women and the role of NGOs and grassroots women's organizations in fostering women's human rights (Sarah Yasmine)

South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--radio discussion on violence against women (AFRA)

__ Nov. 23 - 25 Venezuela, Caracas--presentation on violence in the family at the International Symposium on Family Medicine (Asociacion Venezolana Para una Educacion Sexual Alternativa)

__ Nov. 24 Costa Rica, San Jos--"Tribunal Sobre Violaciones a Los Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres"- women will present testimonies of violations of their human rights and a group of honorary judges will support and express their solidarity with the results of the event (Radio Femenista Internacional, Consejo de la Tierra, CODEHU, CODEHUCA, Instituto de Estudios de la Mujer, Colectiva 25 de Noviembre)

Costa Rica, San Jos--national march with students of primary and high schools: "Building a World Without Violence, No More Violence Against Women" (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports and National Center for the Development of Women and the Family, CMF)

Costa Rica, San Jos--national march with participation of non-governmental organizations: "Women Against Violence" (CMF)

International--Launching of Human Rights Watch's report on the state's response to rape and domestic violence in South Africa and the release of "Femicide,"a report by People Opposing Women Abuse (HRW and POWA)

Mali, Bamako--national TV debate about different UN mechanisms on violence against women and how each "legally" prevent gender violence (Association pour le Progres et la Defense des Droits des Femmes Maliennes, APDF)

South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--newspaper article on gender violence (AFRA)


Nov. 25 Australia, Auckland--seminar which will include a prayerful reflection on women, violence and peace; presentation of conference held in Beijing and Huairou; analyses of the causes of violence in society; and, planning group strategies for 1996 to tackle the problem of violence.

Austria, Vienna--public vigils and demonstrations (Women in Black)

Bangladesh, Dhaka--press conference about agreements made in Beijing, Copenhagen, Cairo and Vienna (Bangladesh Mohila Parishad)

France, Paris--national demonstration for women's rights (Coordination des Associations pour le Droit l'Avortement et la Contraception)

Germany, Berlin--rally calling for solidarity with Sarah Balabagan and other female migrant women (Ban Ying e.V. Koordinationsstelle)

Ghana, Accra--launching of the Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre (CUSO)

India, Cochin--seminar on "Measures Towards Elimination of Gender Violence," involving governmental and NGO leaders and participants from all over the state (Cultural Academy of Peace)

India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on the treatment of women as second class citizens (Annai Indira Sathiya Samuga Nala Mahalir Mandram, AISSNMM)

Mali, Bamako--official opening of sewing training center for women prisoners (APDF)

Nepal, Kathmandu--distribution of posters (Rural Women Development Centre)

Norway, Storgata--announcement at gatherings for the UN Association of Norway, women's groups and NPA-events (Norwegian People's Aid)

Philippines, Western Mindanao--poster making contest (Upper Patawag Young Farmers Club)

South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--Provincial Gender Commission meeting on violence against women (AFRA)

United Kingdom, London--host session on violence against women at the 7th Annual Global Partnership Conference (WOMANKIND Worldwide)

United Kingdom, Manchester--national demonstration (National Women's Network)

United Kingdom, London--public meeting on "Prostitution - a Form of Sexual Exploitation" at London Women's Centre (Campaign Against Pornography)


Nov. 25 - Dec. 10
Bangladesh, Dhaka--articles in dailys and special issue of newsletter dedicated to gender violence and its remedies including the full ratification of CEDAW and implementation of ratified clauses (Bangladesh Mohila Parishad)

Fiji, Suva--media campaign on domestic violence, press conferences to publicize international agreements on gender violence, public forum on men taking responsibility and youth perspectives on gender violence, meetings with government, newspaper articles, radio talkbacks, panel discussions, stickers, posters and t-shirts (Fiji Women's Crisis Centre)

Germany, Berlin--exhibition on female labour migration and gender violence at Adult Education Center, Berlin-Wedding (Ban Ying e.V. Koordinationsstelle)

India, Kochi--public meetings, discussions over electronic mail, press conferences, publication and exhibition of posters and holding Lok Adalats to express solidarity and support behind the Beijing Platform for Action of the IV World Conference on Women (People's Council for Social Justice)

Philippines, Western Mindanao--domestic campaign to remove reservations to women's human rights (Upper Patawag Young Farmers Club)

United States, New Brunswick--national appeal campaign to stop welfare legislation which violates human rights of poor women (Center for Women's Global Leadership)

Zimbabwe, Harare--drama presentation, staged in over 20 locations, used to provoke discussions on violence against women in the family, followed by information on the current law, its shortcomings and what members of the community would like to see change (Women in Law and Development in Africa, WiLDAF)


Nov. 26
Bangladesh, Rajshahi--workshop to involve young women on Platform for Action beyond Beijing, and discussion of future campaigns for local groups (Association for Community Development)

Brazil, Sao Paulo, Santos City--samba music festival with message: "Violence Against Women: Zero Tolerance" (Casa de Cultura da Mulher Negra)

India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on the refusal of equal rights for women (AISSNMM)

Nepal, Kathmandu--interviews with women in the community (Rural Women Development Centre)

South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--distribution of pamphlet on gender violence to all church denominations and NGOs in province (AFRA)


Nov. 26 - 28

Pakistan, Lahore--pamphlets, leaflets and posters on how to combat violence against women distributed to women workers, women's groups, trade union federations, social organisations and general public (Working Women Organisation)


Nov. 26 - 30 Ghana, Accra--four day workshop/conference on Gender, Peace and Security in West Africa (CUSO)

__ Nov. 27 Germany, Berlin--discussion on "The Globalization of Traffic in Women" at the Adult Education Center, Berlin-Wedding (Ban Ying e.V. Koordinationsstelle, Berlin and Migrants Europa, Netherlands)

India, Tamil Nadu-- discussion on eradication of the prostitute community (AISSNMM)

Nepal, Kathmandu--counselling those with violence related problems by telephone (Rural Women Development Centre)

Russia, Moscow--meeting to discuss follow-up to Beijing Forum '95 "Russia and Rest of World in Struggle Against Domestic Violence" (Moscow Sexual Assault Recovery Centre and the Centre for Women, Family and Gender Studies)

South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--meeting in which women will be informed on how to go about reporting violence to the police and women will be sensitized about their attitude of seeing domestic violence as a private matter (AFRA)


Nov. 27 - Dec. 1 United States, Baltimore--dissemination of information on violence against women and appeal campaign in support of the Violence Against Women Act (Goucher College)


Nov. 28 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on treatment of women and their health in sexual relationships (AISSNMM) Nepal, Kathmandu--group discussion of problems (Rural Women Development Centre) United States, Baltimore--talk by Liz Randall "Connections Between Racism and Sexism" (Goucher College)


Nov. 28 - 29 South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--two days when the task of cooking the family meals will fall to someone other than the woman (AFRA)

__ Nov. 29 Bangladesh, Rajshahi--rally and seminar for activists to mobilize Uniform Family Code, Implementation of CEDAW and ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Protection of Rights of Migrant Workers and Their Families (Association for Community Development) India, Tamil Nadu--action against refusal of liberty and freedom to both literate and illiterate women in society (AISSNMM) Nepal, Kathmandu--media consultations on violence against women (Rural Women Development Centre) United Kingdom, Bristol--conference to launch local "Zero Tolerance of Male Violence" campaign (National Women's Network) United States, Baltimore--forum on campus violence against women (Goucher College)

__ Nov. 29 - Dec. 2 Pakistan, Lahore--signature campaign to end violence against women (Working Women Organisation)


Nov. 30 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on preventing use of girl-child labour for illegitimate sexual relations and illegal activities by white collar criminals (AISSNMM) Nepal, Kathmandu--distribution of articles related to women (Rural Women Development Centre) Norway, Storgata--announcement at opening of SOLIDAR secretariat in Brussels (Norwegian People's Aid) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--popularization of the Women's Charter for Effective Equality meeting (AFRA)


Nov. 27 - Dec. 1 Ghana, Accra--African Women's Platform for Peace, a product of the conference on Nov. 26-30, will be presented to the African Human Rights Commission in March 1996 (Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre)

__ Dec. 1 Bangladesh, Rajshahi--launch campaign of public education during the observance of World Aids Day (Association for Community Development) India, Tamil Nadu--discussion of refusal to educate girls because of hereditary customs and norms (AISSNMM) Mali, Bamako--information through radio programs and education of children on AIDS and how to protect oneself (APDF) Nepal, Kathmandu--meeting of delegation from different local offices (Rural Women Development Centre) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--commemoration of World Aids Day (AFRA)


Dec. 2 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on proper health care for mothers and girl children (AISSNMM) Mali, Bamako--lecture and debate in Lycee Notre Dame du Niger girl's secondary school on how to fight violence against women/girls (APDF) Nepal, Kathmandu--demonstration (Rural Women Development Centre) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--radio discussion on violence; symbolic planting of a tree accompanied by singing (AFRA)


Dec. 2 - 3 Norway, Storgata--announcement and information dissemination at national follow-up to Beijing (Norwegian People's Aid) United States, San Francisco--"Our Human Rights"-training on health, violence, economic justice and human rights education (Amnesty International, San Francisco Women's Foundation and Center for Women's Global Leadership)


Dec. 2 - 3, & 9 United States, New York--4th Annual Film Festival of Women Directors from South Asia to support work on rights of battered immigrant women and domestic workers (SAKHI for South Asian Women)

__ Dec. 3 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion about working women and expectations (AISSNMM) Nepal, Kathmandu--silent march for the victims of violence (Rural Women Development Centre) Russia, Moscow--ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre (Moscow Centre for Women Family and Gender Studies ans Women's Crisis Centre) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--prayer meeting with a focus on violence against women (AFRA) Ukraine, Kiyev--national public radio channel program on women's human rights: "Thinking About Our Lives" (Women's Information Consultative Center)


Dec. 3 - 4 Pakistan, Lahore--letter writing campaign to government officials urging implementation of all human rights instruments and the eradication of the law of evidence, hudood ordinance, Qisas, Diyat and other black laws (Working Women Organisation)


Dec. 4 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on the suppression of women and their views (AISSNMM) Nepal, Kathmandu--Consultation with human rights organizations (Rural Women Development Centre) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--prayer meeting for those denominations which do not pray on Sundays and a lecture on maintenance (AFRA) United States, New York--discussion on "Maternal Mortality & Human Rights" (Working group on Women's Health & Human Rights)


Dec. 5 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on unequal wages (AISSNMM) Nepal, Kathmandu--discussions with local organizations (Rural Women Development Centre) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--lecture on Prevention of Family Violence Act (AFRA) Ukraine, Kiyev--meeting in the Parliament Commission of Human Rights and Minorities about implementation of the Beijing Platform and future hearings in UN concerning implementation of CEDAW in the Ukraine (Women's Information Consultative Center)


Dec. 6 Canada, Ontario--4th Annual Vigil to remember, honour and grieve all women abused and murdered by men (Community Resource Centre of Kanata) Brazil, Sao Paulo, Santos City--seminar of capacitation for police to improve their methods of addressing domestic, sexual and racial violence (Casa de Cultura da Mulher Negra) Ghana, Accra--memorial and discussion of gender violence in Ghana in addition to candle lighting by representatives from diplomatic missions in commemoration of victims of gender violence in their countries (CUSO) India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on creating women's leadership in the society (AISSNMM) Ireland, Dublin--video showing of the "Vienna Tribunal" and overview of violence against women as a human rights issue at University College of Dublin (Women's Education Resource and Research Centre) Nepal, Kathmandu--picture and poster exhibition (Rural Women Development Centre) Pakistan, Lahore--press conference focusing on situation of women in the country, government agreements made in Beijing and other forums to eradicate violence against women (Working Women Organisation) United States, Vermont--annual vigil commemorating the Montreal Massacre (Burlington Women's Council)

__ Dec. 6 - 8 United States, Vermont--radio show focusing on sexual assault and harrassment; clothesline project; project examining the presence and effect of violence in film; and, project examining violence in lesbian relationships (Women, Violence and Human Rights Group, Goddard College)


Dec. 6 - 10 South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--Rural Women's Workshop includes speakouts, testimonies, drawing and painting (AFRA)


Dec. 7 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on equal rights of women to property, workload and legal rights (AISSNMM) Mali, Bamako--lecture and debate in Lycee Askia Mohamed boy's secondary school on young people and AIDS (APDF) Nepal, Kathmandu--discussion addressing discrimination of women (Rural Women Development Centre)


Dec. 8 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on women and equal rights in relation to population (AISSNMM) Nepal, Kathmandu--delegation at related ministry (Rural Women Development Centre) Philippines, Western Mindanao--Immaculate Conception Fiesta celebration (Upper Patawag Young Farmers Club) Zimbabwe, Harare--presentation of petitions that call upon the government to reform laws on violence in the family, to the Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (WiLDAF)


Dec. 8 - 9 Pakistan, Lahore--meetings with industrial workers, especially rural and brick kiln women workers, to create awareness of their rights and privileges and motivate organizations to eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women (Working Women Organisation)

__ Dec. 9 India, Tamil Nadu--discussion on legal punishment of violence against women (AISSNMM) Mali, Bamako--lecture and debate in Ecole Fondamentale Aminata DIOP elementary school on young people and AIDS (APDF) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--radio discussion on violence against women (AFRA) Tunis, El Mahragene--open forum on violence against women as a human rights violation; post-Beijing discussion on Platform implementation (Association Tunisienne des Femmes Democrates) Ukraine, Kiyev--training on women's human rights (Women's Information Consultative Center) United States, Vermont-- conference "Women's Rights Are Human Rights: Beijing and Beyond" which includes plenaries, workshops, video presentations, discussions focusing on local applications of the human right's framework (University of Vermont)


Dec. 9 - 10 Nepal, Kathmandu--workshops on Women's Human Rights (Rural Women Development Centre)


Dec. 10 Austria, Vienna--artists and women's human rights activists organize political/cultural event in the Volkstheater (Austrian Women's Shelter Network) Brazil, Sao Paulo, Santos City--press conference to divulge the Interamerican Convention on the Elimination, Punishment and Eradication of Violence Against Women, signed in Belm do Par /Brazil in June 1994, by member-states of OAS (Casa de Cultura da Mulher Negra) Mali, Bamako--printing of t-shirts, banners and posters on gender violence and AIDS (APDF) Pakistan, Lahore--one-day seminar on violence against women as a violation of women's human rights (Working Women Organisation) Philippines, Western Mindanao--stage presentation (Upper Patwag Young Farmers Club) South Africa, Pietermaritzburg--prayer, Imbali play, free stage and exhibition of products of workshop on Dec. 6 - 10 (AFRA)

__ General Activities: Costa Rica, San Jose--development and implementation of National Plan For Family Violence, Care and Prevention (Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo de la Mujer y la Familia) Ecuador, Quito--local campaign with various NGOs to lobby Ecuadorian Congress to approve law addressing violence against women in the family (Instituto Ecuatoriano de Investigaciones Y Capacitacion de la Mujer) India, Cochin--awareness and orientation programme on "women's human rights and the role of women as peace makers" for elected lady councilors (Cultural Academy for Peace) Serbia, Belgrade--media events and roundtable on "Women and War" (Group for Women's Rights) Ireland, Dublin--workshops, 5 within Dublin and 5 around the country, looking at the issue of violence against women as a violation of human rights and the global perspective of gender violence; Street Action and theatre; drama and poetry night on the theme Women's Rights as Human Rights; Forum Theatre, at 4 venues around country, exploring issues that surround violence against women; exhibition of poetry and short stories; exhibition of students creative response to workshops run by Women's Aid (Women's Aid) Norway, Storgata--support of the Norwegian "White Ribbon Campaign" which is men against violence against women; SOLIDAR's Madrid- Declaration "Say No to Violence Against Women"; press release on men's responsibility to act against violence against women; press release on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence 1995; information distribution to selected places of work to raise awareness; activities on violence against women through 10 of NPA's local groups in Norway (Norwegian People's Aid) United Kingdom, London--distribution of leaflets for the International Day of Violence Against Women explaining: origin of day, how it was celebrated in the past, which are the UN Treaties dealing with violence against women and how women's groups can organize to fight against violence (WOMANKIND Worldwide) United States, Seattle--newsletter piece about 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (Office for Women's Rights) Venezuela, Caracas--distribution of material (posters/flyers) addressing violence against women to medical centers, police commissaries, universities and public schools as part of education campaign (AVESA) International--a campaign, Women's Mission for Sarah, to free domestic worker Sarah Balabagan, a Filipina who was raped in UAE, killed her rapist and has been convicted for the premeditated murder of her rapist-employer (Asian Women's Human Rights Council and Women Living Under Muslim Laws) The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is part of the Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights. The initial 16 Days Campaign in 1991 was coordinated by the Center for Women's Global Leadership with participants of the First Women's Global Leadership Institute on Women, Violence, and Human Rights (June 1991). Nov. 25 is International Day Against Violence Against Women, declared by the First Feminist Encuentro for Latin America and the Caribbean in 1981 (Bogota, Colombia). The day commemorates the Mirabal Sisters who were brutally murdered by the Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic in 1960. December 10 celebrates the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed in 1948. The period also includes World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) and the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre when a man gunned down 14 women engineering students for being "feminists" (Dec. 6). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- For further information, please contact Mallika Dutt or Linda Posluszny at: Center for Women's Global Leadership Douglass College, 27 Clifton Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08903 USA Tel:(1-908) 932-8782, Fax:(1-908) 932-1180, -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-