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World Wide Web Information Release

February 20, 1997

Women, Ink., a unique one-stop shopping source for women-and-development
books, is pleased to announce its arrival on the World Wide Web. For immediate
access, please point your browsers to the following URL:

What can you expect to find in our Web pages?
· A fascinating collection of the newest and best books on women and
development. These titles are in 30 different subject categories, ranging from
Women’s Human Rights to Environment and Sustainable Development, from Culture
to Clip-Art, from over 70 different publishers all over the world, including
low-budget non-governmental organizations. It is also the only source for
publications of the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the NGO Forum
on Women '95 Office.
· Easy ordering for any of the nearly 200 titles from our just-published 1997
· Information about the Southern Partners Project, a Women, Ink. initiative to
assist and improve women’s publishing in different regions through a programme
of South-South and North-South networking, communication, and training.
· Opportunities to get your titles featured in the collection for
international market access.
· Gateways to other providers of information, resources and services in the

If your interests call for development resources, especially those with a
focus on gender issues, the Women, Ink. Web pages are a valuable starting
point. Please visit our Web site soon!

For more information about the Women, Ink. Web pages, please contact Rosemary
Kalapurakal or Tina Johnson. Tel: 1-212-687-8633; fax: 1-212-661-2704;
e-mail:; snail-mail: 777 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA.

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