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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 13:49:52 -0100
From: WIDE
Subject: WIDE Annual Conference, 15-18 May - Finland

Conference Announcement



Organised and hosted by FINNWID at the College for Teachers of Home
Economics in J=E4rvenp=E4=E4, Finland

WIDE (Network Women in Development Europe) is pleased to announce that
it=92= s Annual Conference will take place from Friday 16 May - 18 May
1997 in Finland which is approximately 25 Kilometres from Helsinki/Vantaa

The deregulation of national financial and labour markets are likely to
bring about social and economic changes which are as far reaching as those
of the industrial revolution. As we move further away from the local and
the national to the transnational and global it becomes increasingly
difficult to understand the relationship between cause and effect - how
what happens somewhere seemingly remote can have a devastating effect on
our lives. Therefore it is vitally important for women to understand the
way these forces operate and to present viable alternatives.

The theme of this years conference will enable us to advance our thinking
on what is the economy for, what does it do for women and what does it do
to women? It aims to build on the work on economics and trade that WIDE
has been developing over the last 10 years and will disseminate the
results of the practical work that has been carried out since the Annual
Conference in Bonn last year. The conference will provide an opportunity
to explore in depth many of the issues of gender economics and trade. It
will also provide an opportunity for WIDE members and others involved in
gender and development issues to exchange experiences information and

For further information please contact:

Sue Davies at the WIDE office
Tel: 32-2-5459070
Fax: 32-2-512.73.42

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