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Dear Econ.Women newsgroup,

White privilege is a major barrier to building the kind of social
movements that could bring fundamental change to the United States.
Social justice activists have a real stake in tearing down this

Committed anti-racist activists are working hard to create an
anti-racist agenda, and the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop helps
to educate and train those working toward social justice. In January,
we will put the workshop on-line, and we thought you may be interested
in participating. Thank you for taking the time to read and share the
following announcement. This is a one-time posting to your newsgroup.

In Solidarity,
The Challenging White Supremacy Workshop


You are invited to participate in The Challenging White Supremacy
Workshop on-line!

The Challenging White Supremacy Workshop for Activists will go on-line
in January, 1998. The goals of the new cyberspace workshop are to:

** Use the computer to recruit, educate and motivate anti-racist

** Create a “virtual” anti-racist community on-line, which potentially
can be transformed into a real life anti-racist community; and

** Contribute towards building a national anti-racist movement.

All cyberspace workshop participants will be expected to participate in
a grassroots anti-racist activity, preferably focused in one of the
following areas: Police accountability, Prisons, Immigrant rights,
Indigenous sovereignty, Environmental Justice, and Economic Justice
organizing in communities of color.

For more information about the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop
goals, political perspectives and topics, please see our WebPage at

If you would be interested in participating in the workshop, please
email us at

Challenging White Supremacy: A Workshop for Activists and Organizers


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