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Zagreb, 20.05.97, $UHRHEIT,

Coordination of Women's Groups SEKA
invites women's groups and women (individually) to use the opportunity of
pleasant space of the house SEKA (350m2, teracces, balkonies, yard and all
the rest that goes with the house) in colourfull place of Splitska on the
island Brac.
The house is the part of the project SEKA - project for organizing and
runnig workshops, seminars, meetings as well as recreation for traumatized
women and their children and "wornout" activists.
Mirjana and Gabi from SEKA Hamburg are taking care about the project and
the house.

If you plan to have a seminar, there is no better place then SEKA!
If you would like to spend nice holidays among the orange and lemon trees,
there is no nicer place then SEKA!
If you want to spend some time with women, there is no better place then

If you want to spent your holidays yourself, with your frend(s)(women) and
children you could contact Women.s group Split (Maja or Edita), phone: 385-
21-342-202. Special discount form June8 till June 26 - 15 DM per day (with
possibility to use modern kitchen) or 35DM per day including food (home
cooking, excellent sea food!) (red vine 5 kunas per liter! no headache,
There is a separate house with kitchen (poss. 6 beds) - 60 DM per day.
See you in SEKA house!
Coordination of Women's Groups SEKA (Autonomous Women's House Zagreb,
Center for Women War Victims, Zagreb, Center for Women's Studies, zagreb,
SEKA Hamburg, Zenska grupa Split)
Center for Women War Victims,
Radnicki Dol 20
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel: + 385 1 455 2837
fax: + 385 1 440 542

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