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From: Human Rights Watch
Subject: Urge U.S. Companies to Stop Sex Discrimination

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Subject: Urge U.S. Companies to Stop Sex Discrimination

Dear Friends,

We would appreciate if you can link / announce following Action Alert
web page urging U.S. companies to stop Sex Discrimination in Mexican


Web pages linked to this action alert may serve as a useful
resources for all interested on issues concerning sex discrimination.

I'm enclosing a brief background of this campaign at the end of this

Thanking you in advance for your time and support,

With regards,
Jagdish Parikh [Email:]
(On-line Research Associate)
Human Rights Watch, New York
485 Fifth Avenue, NY - 10017-6104
Tel: 1-212-972-8400 Ext:240, Fax: 1-212-972-0905
HRW on the Web:

Brief Background:

In export processing zones, or maquiladoras, along the Mexico-U.S.
border, major U.S. companies including Zenith, Johnson Controls and
Carlisle Plastics, are forcing women workers to undergo pregnancy
testing as a condition of employment. Potential female employees are
compelled to take urine tests and answer invasive questions on
applications and interviews about their pregnancy status, sexual
activity, use of birth control, and menstrual cycles. Those who are
pregnant are not hired. Those who become pregnant once they have been
hired are sometimes forced to resign, or are subjected to abusive and
discriminatory treatment.

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