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/* ---------- "Call for Help!" ---------- */
From: dawn

Burmese women have been traffficked by Slorc's
Military Intelligence(19).

Coporal Win Hlaing and coporal Myint
Thein,staff of Slorc's MI(19)based in Kaw Thaung,
Tenassarim Division,detained over 20 women for
the purpose of "guest investigation"in town.Then
they forced the women to get Thailand woth them
and sole all women in Ranong.
Among those women,included Ma Thanda,30,
who live Dawn Min Quarter,Moulmein is a teacher
of No.(2)State High School Moulmein.She was sold
to brothel while she had visited to her relations
in Kaw Thaung.The two coporals from MI(19)sole her
for Baht 20,000.
Ma Thanda and other women wrode down their
bitter sufferings and beg to help them out and sent
it outside secretly.Some Burmese social welfare
organizations and sympathetic people could get the
letter and rescued Ma Thanda and others.They helped
her to go back her homeland by motorboat.At the same
time the guy of MI(19)knew Ma Thanda was rescued,and
they forced back her to brothel again from motorboat.
Now,Ma Thanda was being forced to sex work.
Some Burmese and Ranong tried to help her out again
and want anyway of assistance by individual and
international organization.

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