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Subject: Petition to the President calls for "Yes! to Human Rights,
No! to Sweatshops

[The material in this alert was obtained from the National Labor
Committee, 275 Seventh Avenue 15th fl., New York, NY 10001; (212) 242-

Action Alert: Petition to the President calls for "Yes! to Human
Rights, No! to Sweatshops

Leading up to a National Day of Conscience on October 4, 1997, and a
Holiday Season of Conscience in November and December, the National
Labor Committee (NLC) now has available the petitions on which up to a
million people are expected to sign their names demanding that the
President, the U.S. Congress and the White House Task Force to End
Sweatshop Abuses say "Yes! to Human Rights and No! to Sweatshops."

The actions are sponsored by a broad coalition of religious, human
rights, labor, student, women's and grassroots organizations,
including (along with the NLC) the Union of Needletrades, Industrial
and Textile Employees (AFL-CIO, CLC), the United Methodist Boards of
Church and Society and Global Ministries (Women's Division), the
Presbyterian Church (USA), the People of Faith Network, Congressman
Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and the State Senate of Vermont among many

The petition states that "We the People...believe that in our global
economy, human rights protections are every bit as important as
corporate rights." It calls for wages to be tied to the basic cost of
living and for workers to be free to organize to defend their rights.
It will be presented to the White House Sweatshop Task Force which
will be reporting to the President at the end of the year with its
final agreement which will establish industry-wide human rights
standards for the first time.

In order to show public opposition to corporate use of sweatshop
manufacturing, on October 4th, there will be simultaneous actions in
hundreds of cities and communities stretching across the entire
country (and around the world) -- vigils, candlelight marches,
interdenominational services, leafleting, music, demonstrations,
ringing of church bells, street theater and much more. Students, from
grade schools to universities, will be asked to play a major role.

On October 4, the coalition will announce the Holiday Season of
Conscience, providing consumers the opportunity to shop with their
conscience. In the midst of the shopping season, the coalition will
release a list of the companies with the worst record of human rights

Charles Kernaghan, Director of the National Labor Committee, said in

announcing the petition drive, "There is an enormous decency in the
American people who would never knowingly purchase products made by
children, or any exploited worker, forced to toil under sweatshop
conditions for starvation wages. Our job is to help create a vehicle
to free this voice of decency on the part of millions and millions of
American people. If we do our job right, we will create a social
movement which will put a human face back into our global economy."

Order petitions and brochures from the National Labor Committee, 275
Seventh Avenue, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10001; Tel: (212) 242-3821
or download soon from the NLC website:

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