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From: Campaign for Labor Rights

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[The following alert, slightly edited by Campaign for Labor Rights,
was provided by Thuyen Nguyen of the Vietnam Labor Watch, On October 18, there will be an international
mobilization in support of the rights of Nike production workers. So
far, activists in the following countries have announced plans to
participate: Canada, the United States, Australia, Italy, The
Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and England. To receive a Nike
action packet, contact Campaign for Labor Rights at
or (541) 344-5410. The packet is free via email and $5 in hard copy.
Also, please note an important new resource: "Behind the Swoosh:
The Struggle of Indonesians Making Nike Shoes," a 224-page book
written by Jeff Ballinger and Claes Olsson. Send $12.50 (includes
shipping costs) to Press for Change, P.O. Box 161, Alpine, NJ 07620.
Not for casual readers, this book is a must for anyone who seeks
in-depth understanding of the labor issues surrounding Nike produc-
tion in Indonesia. "Behind the Swoosh" adds greatly to the credi-
bility of the Nike campaign. The careful research represented here
is a strong rebuttal the glib public relations maneuvers of Nike

Nike/Vietnam "pay raise": more smoke and mirrors

Vietnam Labor Watch received a new stack of paystubs today from
Vietnam. Nike workers there did get a 5% wage increase. They are now
getting $47 per month, an increase of $2. Not all is good news,

1. Deductions were found on many paystubs 15,000 VND - 20,0000 ($1.4
- $1.8). Supposedly, salaries are deducted for mistakes made by
workers. "Mistakes" however are defined by the companies i.e.
"breaking needle," talking to other workers, leaving factory grounds
for lunch. We received several hundred paystubs in 1996 and only a
few of them include deductions. Now we have received 15 new paystubs
and 7 of them had deductions. It is obvious that the Nike contrac-
tors are taking with one hand what they give with the other.

2. Paystubs no longer include the number of hours or days worked by
a worker. Vietnam Labor Watch believes that this change is a direct
response to the pressure from the US. Before, it was easy for us to
add up the number of days and overtime hours and we could see whether
a workers were being paid correctly, whether there were violations of
Vietnamese overtime law, etc. Now, the paystubs include only the
amount paid to the workers. It is going to be hard to figure out
whether a worker has worked a lot of overtime hours.

Obviously, Nike contractors are adjusting to make it more difficult
for us to get accurate information from Vietnam. Vietnam Labor Watch
will try to confirm whether Nike knows about this new change in
paystubs. If they knew about this, then the whole thing about making
changes to help the workers is obviously just PR.

3. Nike factory management did apologize to workers for violating
Vietnamese laws. The VNGCL (labor union) has definitely forced the
companies to make changes. There are going to be full time doctors
at the plant. The companies are paying a fine for violating labor
laws in 1997 (not 1996).

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