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Child Concern
Violence Against Women
Case MEX 150897. CC

The International Secretariat of the OMCT requests your URGENT
intervention in the following situation in Mexico.

Brief description of the situation
The International Secretariat expresses its grave concern over the
lack of action and presumed impunity of those responsible for raping
Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES, aged 17, who subsequently killed herself
on the 16th of June 1997, in Durango, State of Durango.

According to information from reliable sources, Yessica Yadira DIAZ
CAZARES was raped on 16th March 1997 in Durango. Three individuals
identified as Jesus Gomez Cisneros, Jesus Rafael Almeraz Miranda and
José Alfredo Almeraz Lozano, as allegedly responsible - one of them
is allegedly the son of a local leader of the PRI (Institutional
Revolutionary Party).

Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES killed herself on June 16th 1997,
apparently as a result of the rape and the constant threats and
harassment to which she and her family have been subjected (see MEX
150897) by the authors of the rape, their families and certain agents
of the judicial police.

The reports mention among other aspects, that shortly after the
aggression Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES identified two of those
responsible when they were in a park near her home. When her mother,
Mrs Eugenia Cazares, accused the two individuals, one of them replied:
"Oh, that? Don't imagine that anyone will listen to you. I have
connections in high places who will not allow it, and anyway, who is
going to believe you ?"

When they subsequently went to the Public Prosecutor's Office to file
a complaint the agent on duty asked them to return the next day; when
they did, Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES as well as her mother Mrs
Augenia Cazares, a sister and her daughter aged two were held
incommunicado for several hours in the investigation department.
During this time they suffered threats and intimidation on the part of
the judicial police, the authors of the rape and members of their
families w ho mocked the victim and her family saying that - Yessica
Yadira DIAZ CAZARES was "mad or drugged".

Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES was subjected to repeated questioning in a
hostile atmosphere, forced to touch the author of the rape on the
pretext, according to an official, Mrs Veronia Fernandey of the 5th
Office of the Public Prosecutor, that if she failed to do so her
testimony would be "worthless ". Moreover, the authorities ordered a
blood test to be carried out which was done after 8 attempts because
the doctor "did not manage to find the vein" (which the reports appear
to consider as a pretext for torturing the victim).

Despite this, the investigation only reached the representative of the
Prosecutors Office, Aguirre Aleman on May 30th 1007. This took place
in an atmosphere of hostility and threats against the family of
Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES. Her mother was warned she had other
children and that her complaint was not going to be successful.
These threats apparently further contributed to the poor psychological
state of the victim who feared for her brothers.

According to the reports the vehicle in which Yessica Yadira DIAZ
CAZARES was raped was found on May 22nd 1997 near the house of the
State Prosecutor and it is thought that it may belong to one of his

The authors of the rape appeared before the Public Prosecutor without
being detained. Bail was granted. Subsequently on July 2nd 1997
Salvador Rodriguez Lugo, Director of Investigations, admitted that at
the end of June, the Second Judge of Penal affairs issued an arrest
warrant on the rapists but up to the present they have not been

After the death of Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES and in view of the
protests on the part of the family and several friends the governor
publicly promised that justice would be done. Despite this the threats
against the family of Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES have increased.

Action requested

Write to the Mexican authorities urging them to:

i. ensure the immediate execution of the order of rest against those
responsible for the rape Yessica Yadira DIAZ CAZARES, a minor, and
guarantee that they will be tried and receive the penal and civil
punishments prescribed by the law;

ii. carry out a thorough and impartial investigation into the facts
mentioned above in order to identify the officials and/or agents
responsible through commission or omission, bring them to trial and
impose upon them the penal, civil and/or administrative sanctions
prescribed by the law;

iii. ensure the respect of human rights in accordance with the
national laws, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the other
international standards.


Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon. Presidente de la República. Palacio
Nacional, C.P. 06065, Mexico, D.F., Fax 515 57 29, 515 1794, 516 57 62
ó 2 77 23 76

Lic. Maximiliano Silverio Esparza. Gobernador del Estado de Durango,
Mexico. Fax (52 - 18) 17 52 56

Lic. Juan Francisco Arroyo Herrera. Procurador de Justicia del Estado
de Durango, Mexico. Fax (52 -18) 17 52 56

Lic. Jesús Mena Saucedo. Presidente de la Comision Estatal de Derechos
Humanos del estado de Durango. Bruno Martínez 320 Norte, Col. Centro.

Lic. Mirelle Roccatti Velásquez. Presidenta de la Comision Nacional de
Derechos Humanos, Periferico sur 3469, Col. San Jeronimo Lidice,
Deleg. Magdalena Contreras, C.P. 10200, Mexico, D.F., Fax. (52 5) 631
26 33 E-mail:

The Mexican Embassy in your respective countries.

Geneva August 15th 1997

Kindly inform us of any action undertaken quoting the code number of
this appeal in your reply.

Ben Schonveld
Projects Manager
Fax 4122 733 1051
Ph 4122 733 3140
OMCT is: l'Organisation Mondiale contre la Torture
The World Organisation Against Torture


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