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Geschreven door >Helen Brown op Sun, 05 May 1996 18:52:21 met als onderwerp: Re: TELECOMMUNICATIONS BILL (fwd)

We can't really sign this because we are not American, but we have
e-mailed the White House, as follows:

Dear Mr President

We learn with horror that you are trying to impose censorship on
the Internet by making it illegal for American women to discuss
abortion on the Internet.

Many abortions prevent children being born with deformities that
would make their lives unbearable. Others prevent the victims of
rape from bearing the resulting children. There are many other
valid reasons, but the point that stands out is that the women who
have to bear the children should have control over their own
bodies and the right of free speech.

The proper place of censorship is a clamp-down on pornography,
because of its influence on men who subsequently commit crimes of
violence against women, such as, for example, rape that results in
an unwanted child...

We are not American so your laws cannot touch us. We have American
contacts on the Net. We will support their right of free speech
and will encourage them to discuss whatever they want to discuss.

By free speech on matters of social importance we can expose the
failures and hypocrisies of our respective governments as never
before, thanks to the Internet. Since we live under a government
that is in the habit of telling whatever lies it finds most
convenient to socially responsible people, we must oppose all
measures to restrict the right to free speech on matters that
seriously affect our lives.


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