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% >> If there is somebody in the world more bad than you (general you of
% >> no flame intended), and there is someone more bad than them and so on and
% >> so on... Who is at the top? And what do they do there?
% >What do they do there? I dunno--I figure I haven't met the top dog yet.
% Even if you do, the rankings are continually in flux. After a certain level
% of expertise, it depends more on the vagaries of chance and any number of
% random factors as to who will out-perform whom in any given contest.


random factors like:




sexappeal (also referred to as: good looks)


one must remain objective at all times,

and have a third person recording
using latest instruments
and science.

then collect 666 thousand from randy on your way and you're one cool fuck.

% So what do they do there? They prepare for retirement.

and suck jeezus' dick and eat mary's pussy.


The Octad is the Number of Divinity, for it is the Eighth Celestial Sphere,
which encloses all the rest, and so the Pythagoreans say "All is Eight."
Likewise the apex of a Babylonian temple was its Eighth Story, where earth and
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