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Subject: Violence, Abuse & Women's Citizenshi

An International Conference: Violence, Abuse and Womens Citizenship
Brighton, UK 10 - 15 November 1996

Internationally acclaimed speakers from around the world, policy
formulation, networking and social events
Global Strategies for Prevention, Protection and Provision

About the Event:
This international event will focus on the causes and consequences of all
forms of violence and abuse against women and children around the world.
Violence and abuse takes many forms - but they all have something in
common: the denial of womens human rights and full citizenship.
Throughout the world women are taking action to challenge this oppression
in courageous, innovative and empowering ways.

The Purpose of this Conference:

1. To promote understanding of the ways in which violence, abuse and
gendered power relations affect womens citizenship and human rights.

2. To build on United Nations, European and other international
initiatives on the elimination of violence and discrimination against
women and children.

3. To take forward what was achieved at the UN World Conference in
Beijing, September 1995.

4. To promote government action on violence and abuse as human rights and
social justice issues for women.

5. To provide an opportunity to develop and strengthen alliances within
the international womens movement in a meaningful way and specifically to
draw together and develop activity at international, national, regional
and local levels.

6. To develop Action Plans in the following areas:

Social/public policy and legislation
Research and education
Intervention and prevention

Who Will be Involved?
Survivors of violence and abuse
Women and their organisations
Policy makers
Social workers/Social care advocates
Health care professionals
Civil and criminal justice
Public sector and welfare workers

General Information:
Each day will consist of opening speakers in the main hall followed by
panel discussions, workshops, action planning, seminars and time to
network. The conference is open to women and men. It is expected that
men attending the event will consider effective ways to challenge male
violence in all its forms and support womens strategies that emerge from
the conference. Sessions outside the main hall will b structured as
mixed, women only and men only sessions. Each day will end with further
keynote speakers in the main hall. The week is structured so that you can
attend the whole week or selected days.

The working language will be English. This is a self-funded conference
without government or other major sponsorship. However, it is our
intention to provide as extensive an interpretation service as possible.

Contributing to the Week/Participation
A key aim of the conference is to share information within an
international conference. To enable us to plan and structure full and
balanced representation on a global scale, we would like you to contact
us if you have contributions to make in the following areas:
Policy making, legislation, campaigns, lobbying, research, service
delivery, individual and social support, self help initiatives, publicity
on issues that concern you and your community.

We are planning over 400 activities outside the main hall (workshops,
seminars, networking, action planning). To be considered as a contributor
at the Conference, send a maximum of one page outlining your activity.
Please attach this to your Registration Form. Note - this needs to be
sent to us by the end of August.

We would also like you to ask your Government representatives what their
plans are for implementing the UN International Declaration on the
Elimination of Violence Against Women - please send this information to

A full and complete programme will be sent out with delegate packs from
September onwards.

Some of the Confirmed Keynote Speakers
Reem Abdelhadi, Palestine and UK, Farida Akhter, Bangladesh, Louise
Armstrong, USA and UK, Kathleen Barry, USA, Belinda Calaguas, Philippines
and UK, Beatrix Campbell, UK, The Bombay Womens Centre, India, Phyllis
Chesler, USA, Radhika Coomaraswamy, Sri Lanka, Neli Van Djik, Netherlands,
Efua Dorkenoo, UK, Andrea Dworkin, USA, Raquel Edralin-Tiglao,
Philippines, Eveline Giobbe, USA, Hameda Hossain, Bangladesh, Sheila
Jeffreys, UK and Australia, Tessa Jowell, UK, Renate Klein, Australia, Eva
Lundgren, Sweden and Norway, Teboho Maitse, South Africa, Linda MacLeod,
Canada, Maria Mies, Germany, Sureshni Moodliar, South Africa, Mmatshilo
Motsei, South Africa, Ellen Pence, USA, Mimi Ramsey, Ethiopia and USA,
Janice Raymond, USA, Beth Richie, USA, Diana Russell, USA, Ailbhe Smyth,

Structure of the Week
Sunday 10 November
Civic reception (evening) with opening speeches - no charge to delegates

Monday 11 November
Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence

Tuesday 12 November
Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence

Wednesday 13 November
Harmful Cultural Practices (including FGM and female infanticide)

Thursday 14 November
Trafficking of Women (including prostitution and pornography)

Friday 15 November
Child Abuse and Child Protection

Unwaged/Volunteer/Activist: 20 pounds per day/70 pounds all week
Waged/Funded: 70 pounds per day/150 pounds all week

Cheques should be made payable to The Violence, Abuse and Womens
Citizenship Conference.

For Enquiries and Application forms please contact:
Violence Abuse and Womens Citizenship Conference
PO Box MT7
LS17 5XJ
Tel: +44/1274 385 234 Fax: +44/1274 385370

Closing Date: Friday 30 August 1996

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