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From: International Rivers Network

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/* ---------- "Gender Justice Conference in Sept." ---------- */

U.S. 50 Years Is Enough Network presents:

Gender Justice: Forging Economic Rights in the Global Economy

Friday, September 27 -- Sunday, September 29, 1996
The American University
Ward Circle at Nebraska and Massachusetts Avenues, NW
Metro: Tenleytown/AU then free shuttle to American University

* Is it a coincidence the majority of people living in poverty are
* How do the policies of the World Bank and IMF affect men and
women differently?
* What are people doing to change the policies of the international
financial institutions and to achieve genderjustice?
* How are local communities developing gender-inclusive
alternative economic systems?

International Financial Institutions, multinational corporations,
governments, and even social justice organizations exclude women
in economic decision making. The Gender Justice Forum will
show how this has resulted in women's economic exploitation and
discuss how to uproot this system of oppression.

The Gender Justice Forum is organized by the 50 Years is Enough
Network. The Network is a coalition of 170 U.S. organizations,
working in partnerships with grassroots movements in over 50
countries. These organizations are all dedicated to realizing
profound change at the World Bank and the International Monetary
Fund (IMF).

Our 1995 conference, the Get Real! Forum, brought together
activists from 30 states and 50 countries to learn about World Bank
and IMF policies and strategize for economic justice. Join us this
year at the Gender Justice Forum to examine

* the effects of structural adjustment programs,
* the environmental impacts of World Bank/IMF lending policies,
* micro-credit lending,
* privatization of social services and state-owned industries,
* multilateral debt issues,
* declining labor standards and more.

We will focus on creative problem-solving techniques, celebrate
community resistance and action, and organize to end gender-based
economic oppression.

The Gender Justice Forum will feature guests from every continent
working in many fields. Among grassroots organizations sending
representatives to the Forum will be the African Women's
Economic Policy Network (AWEPON), the Haitian Platform to
Demand Alternative Development (PAPDA), Development
Alternatives for a New Era (DAWN) from Barbados, ARISE for
Social Justice from the United States and many more.

Tentative Agenda:

Friday, September 27

7:00 PM * Opening Plenary -- What is Gender Justice?

Saturday, September 28

8:00 AM * Registration -- Refreshments

9:00 AM * Plenary: Gender and Economic Literacy

10:30 AM * Workshop Series

12:30 PM * Workshop Series

4:00 PM * Plenary: Genderizing Campaigns, Bringing About
Gender Justice in Every Community

8:00 PM * Party !

Sunday, September 29

9:30 AM * Workshop Series

12:00 Noon * Plenary: Carrying the Movement Forward

3:00 PM * Demonstration and March starting at the White

Workshop descriptions and a complete list of workshop presenters
will be distributed to all who register to attend.

The Gender Justice Forum is co-sponsored by The American
University School for International Service.

After the Gender Justice Forum:

Rally for Gender Justice!

50 Years Is Enough will sponsor a rally at the White House (in
Lafayette Park) to make our demands known to President Clinton.
After the Rally we will march to the International Monetary Fund
(about 4 blocks away) where the Joint Development Committee of
the World Bank and IMF will be meeting in preparation for their
Annual Meeting with the world's Finance Ministers the following
Week. Free shuttles will be provided to get to Lafayette Park from
the American University.

Where? Lafayette Park, Metro: McPherson Square (White House

When? 3:00 pm, Sunday, September 29

Join 50 Years Is Enough and activists from around the world as we
let the Bank and Fund know that our movement is growing
stronger every year and we will not go away! 50 Years Is Enough!

Registration Form:

All events are open to the public, however space is limited so
please register in advance. The $35 registration fee will help cover
costs and ensure scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay.
No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Child care will
be provided.

For more information contact: 50 Years Is Enough at (202)
463-2265 or e-mail us at




State, Zip:



Do you require translation?

What language?

Do you require child care?

For how many children?

Registration fee enclosed: $_____

Make checks payable to International Rivers Network and note
Gender Justice on the check. Please return to:

50 Years Is Enough Network, 1025 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite
300, Washington, DC 20005.

********** ** ***********

25 July 1996

TO: 50 Years Members and Friends

FR: Lisa McGowan, Network Coordinator, on behalf of the
Forum Agenda Committee


With the Gender Justice Forum just two months away, we
need to start nailing down ideas for -- and commitments to convene
-- workshops. We are also looking for ideas for plenary speakers
(thanks to those who have sent them already) and for commitments
to bring southern and U.S. partners to the Forum.

Lisa McGowan is the point person for the agenda of the
Forum (and for tracking which of our Southern partners will be
attending, whether or not they need funding, etc., which will be the
subject of another memo!). Ideas and commitments for Forum
workshops should be sent to Lisa as soon as possible.

The Gender Justice Forum will be looking at a number of
issues through a gender lens, including:

Race/class Welfare in the U.S.
Trade/maquiladoras advocacy
genderizing campaigns affirmative action
sex trafficking, violence, etc.transportation
energy/environment microcredit
debt media/internet
alternatives labor
local organizing around international issues and gender
cultural colonization by the Bank and Fund
private sector support from the Bank and the Fund
economic literacy/methodologies

We have up to 50 workshop slots over the two and a half days
of the Forum, in addition
to four plenary sessions. There will also be classrooms available
for ad hoc strategy sessions and

PARTICIPATIVE, so be creative, and come ready to think
on your feet!

* Innovative techniques for educating and mobilizing
ourselves and our neighbors
and colleagues will be featured.

* Progressive economic theory and cutting edge issues -- and
their implications for
action -- will be addressed in technical sessions as well, in
order to both deepen
our understanding of the fast-paced changes and to flag
important issues for

* Early in the program, there will be SAPs/gender/World
Bank and IMF overview
sessions for those new to the Network or the issues.

* An important recurring theme -- HOW TO TURN

What we need from you, our fellow 50 Years Members, is the

1. ideas or requests for plenary speakers;

2. each caucus should agree to convene two workshops. We
are suggesting that
the first workshop cover, in some creative way, critiques
and analysis of issues
relating to their caucus, gender issues, and of course the
IFIs. The second
workshop should concentrate on a vision for the future, and
how to get there.
Activities in such a session might include brainstorming,
creating action plans that
will be carried out by those present at the workshop, or
even writing a piece of
street theater that can be presented at the Party! we are
having on Saturday night.

3. conveners for free-standing workshops on the topics listed
above, or another
relevant topic that we didn't consider. We have many
ideas for workshop
conveners, and will be contacting people from both within
and outside the
Network to encourage their participation. There are some
50 spaces to fill,
however, so please step forward with ideas for workshops
you would like to

Again, as soon as possible, please fax, send, e-mail or call in
your ideas and commitments
to Lisa at the 50 Years office. The direct line for Lisa is
202-879-3187. The members of the
Agenda Committee (Lisa McGowan/50 Years, Chuck
Kaufman/Nicaragua Network, Lydia
Williams/Oxfam America, Tammi Coles/Washington Peace Center,
Phil Fitzpatrick/Vermont
Coalition and Daphne Wysham/Institute for Policy Studies) will
happily work with you to help
structure your workshop, think about speakers, etc..

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