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Dear Friends,

The Network of East-West Women is proud to announce the
publication of our new bulletin, called "Best of the Season," which
will be available both electronically and in paper copy. The bulletin
is a compilation of the most pertinent informational resources to be
found on NEWW's electronic conferences/mailing lists and on other
electronic forums addressing issues of gender in post-communist
societies. To appear quarterly in both English and Russian, the
bulletin will include announcements of events, fellowships and
publications, news alerts, country and organizational reports.

Several NEWW members and mailing list users helped us
recognize the drawbacks to electronic networking and the need for
an online digest. For instance, the sheer volume of information that
is transmitted via email is often intimidating, and understandably so.
Sorting through 100s of email messages can be a confusing,
unappealing task -- especially if English is not your native language.
In addition, email costs can be very high in some countries, where
users are charged for the number of pages sent and received.

In our attempt to address these problems, we decided to
produce a seasonal digest of online information -- for which we
would select, edit and categorize postings to our various electronic
conferences, and in this way, save our users time and energy.

With funding support from World Learning, Inc., NEWW is
able to produce a quarterly bulletin in both English and Russian, for
distribution via email and regular postal mail.

NEWW's conference facilitators in Moscow, New York,
and Washington, D.C. selected, categorized, and summarized the
best informational resources posted to three of our conferences,
, , and from May
through July. Messages originally in Russian have been translated
into English, and vice-versa.

Those of us who selected and summarized "the best" were
excited anew at all of the events, publications, and activities that
women are doing throughout the region, and at the contacts being
made among women, east-east and east-west. We hope you will be,

The Bulletin is produced in both paper and electronic form. Our
Moscow staff will produce a Russian version, to be distributed via
e-mail, postal mail, fax, and the World Wide Web.

The first issue of the English version of the Bulletin will be
distributed to NEWW members by e-mail or postal mail beginning
on September 23. It will also be posted to the
mailing list. If you are not on the mailing list and are not a NEWW
member, you can request a copy of the Bulletin by contacting:

Victoria Vrana
1601 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite 701
Washington, D.C. 20009
Tel: + 202/265-3585
Fax: + 202/265-3508

To obtain a hard copy of the Bulletin, please send $5.00 to the
NEWW, D.C. office to cover the cost of postage and production. A
year's subscription to the Bulletin (four issues in all) costs only

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