Antenna Logo History

Antenna Logo 1992

The history of the various Logos of Antenna is a story on its own:
In 1992 Antenna selected the logo on the right as its logo to express the subtile communication between ‘creatures’. It was a painting of Lindy de Jong we never acquired only the digital rights. Around 2014 we were contacted by a new client stating he owned the painting and wanted to sell it. We bought it immediately. Since then the painting is hanging in our offices in Nijmegen in the Monastery.

Providing information to solve larger issues

But the other logo was developed by the Swiss Antenna Foundation based on the this cartoon above: Antenna providing information to solve larger issues. Like the dutch Antenna Foundation we share the role of facilitator.

The logo was restyled several times over the years and the slogan of Antenna in Geneva referred to our motto – Networking for Progress – by stating: Research for progress:

Antenna Foundation in the Netherlands is working on mainly ICT issues and the enabling of Networking. In the footer below you can see all our Antenna Technologies each with its own specific color and icons.

Antenna Logo History