Antenna Switzerland: 30 years


Denis von der Weid

Human rights activist Denis von der Weid co-founded with Michael Polman and Georges Chan Antenna Technology Association 30 years ago in 1989 in Geneva as an international non-profit organization recognized as being in the public interest.

Antenna is nowadays a Foundation engaged in scientific research and the dissemination of innovative and accessible technological, economic and medical solutions that meet the basic needs of the most disadvantaged. These are based on sustainable development, social justice and autonomy.

The foundation collaborates with an international network of scientists on research projects in the fields of nutrition, water and hygiene, agroecology, traditional medicine and energy.

Antenna’s microcredit programme allows the foundation to incubate solutions and social enterprises working in the field. It deploys an original action model structured in three cycles – research and development, field tests and large-scale, affordable dissemination.

Antenna Team in Geneva

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Antenna Switzerland: 30 years