Telecommunications Reclaimed: A Hands-On Guide to Networking Communities

NetCommons Team

netCommons, the European project on network 
infrastructure as commons, is proud to announce the release of 
“Telecommunications Reclaimed: A Hands-On Guide to Networking Communities”. 

This book is a guide on how to build a community network, a shared local 
telecommunications infrastructure, managed as a commons, to access the 
internet and other digital communications services. It was written 
collectively by a group of community network pioneers in Europe, 
activists and researchers during a writing residency week held in Vic, 
Catalonia in October 2018. It was a time of hard work and fast writing, 
but also of discussions in a friendly environment. 

Meant for a wide audience, the book includes practical knowledge 
illustrated by several hands-on experiences – a set of 32 real-life 
stories – as well as legal, technical, governance, economic and policy 
material extracted from netCommons, a three-year-long research project 
supported by the European Commission. Its goal is to guide the reader 
through a set of actions aimed at setting up and fostering the growth of 
a community network, but also, for policy makers, local administrations 
and the general public, to create the right conditions to let community 
networks bloom and flourish. 

Many thanks to all those who made this possible, and in particular to 
ISOC and APC who supported the book production after the European 
project funding of the writing.

Download here the Open Access book PDF

Telecommunications Reclaimed: A Hands-On Guide to Networking Communities