Transfer of hosting at Antenna Foundation

Almost 35 years after its foundation, the Antenna Foundation was at a turning point. As of 1 January 2021 the hosting activities of Stichting Antenna are transferred to Hoasted B.V..

This change is partly due to continuing health problems of Michael Polman, one of the founders and driving force behind Stichting Antenna for many years. All employees of Stichting Antenna end this period with some pain in their hearts, but at the same time with peace of mind, as takeover partner Hoasted has earned its spurs as a reliable party for Internet services and hosting activities in recent years.

Please do not worry when using an address! Your current address, mailbox, folders and address books will of course remain active and will be supported by Hoasted!

Antenna Helpdesk

Stichting Antenna, together with Stichting Surfnet and Stichting NLnet, was one of the very first Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands. Since its foundation in 1986, Antenna has provided hosting activities and Internet services for various ministries, universities, colleges, UN organisations and many civil society organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Since 2011, Hoasted has been providing web hosting, email services and domain registrations with a primary focus on performance and customer service. Through continuous use of the latest hardware and technical possibilities, best speed is guaranteed, while support is available every day of the week until 22.30 hours. Customers rate Hoasted support with an average rating of 9.8.

Of course Hoasted also has a helpdesk and this is staffed by Tsjêbbe de Vries for all Antenna Foundation customers, for many of you also known for his years of work at the Antenna Helpdesk. Partly because of this we have every confidence that you will be well supported by Hoasted for all your internet services.

All practical information
On Hoasted’s website you can find all the details and frequently asked questions about the takeover, including all new contact details as of 1 January 2021: Antenna acquisition by Hoasted

Transfer of hosting at Antenna Foundation